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Whose Olympics?

Whose Olympics…?
Mass action planning meetingwith special guests
Saturday 14th April 2012   114.30 pm
Bishopsgate Institute, 230 Bishopsgate EC2M 4QH
Soaring costs, debt, repression, pollution, displacement, lack of consultation. The drones to be deployed, the renewable targets ignored and neighbourhoods pushed sideways for a giant consumer playground. The laws have even been rewritten to deter us from disrupting the glorified three-week party. And we’ve been fighting back – with activist groups working to protect Greenwich Park, save Wanstead Flats, occupy Leyton Marsh, oust Dow… the list goes on.
But now the Olympics are upon us. Much damage has been done. It’s time to come together, uniting behind the common cause that people from London to Portland and beyond are sick of being sacrificed for this giant corporate bonanza.
Come along to Bishopsgate Institute to plan for a major action – the target, location, date and nature of the action are all open for discussion.
We will be joined by Clayton Thomas Muller from the Indigenous Environmental Network who will share his experiences on organising around the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and campaigning against ‘Sustainability Partner’ BP. Other speakers will be announced. Newham Monitoring Project will be providing a thorough explanation of the complex legal situation we face. Also coming to London from Vancouver, the Vancouver Poverty Olympics torch will be handed over at the Bishopsgate Institute to inspire our own alternative torch relay.
Free entry – hot soup and bread lunch will be provided on the day for £1, tea and coffee for donations.           
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What happened at Countering the Olympics

Kevin Blowe


Yesterday’s ‘Countering the Olympics’ conference at Toynbee Hall certainly didn’t lack ambition: nothing less than constructing an alternative narrative to the constant, almost cult-like cheerleading in support of this summer’s Games. It brought together many of the local campaigns that have tried to resist the anti-democratic imposition of the Olympics on London, one that has pressed ahead with little regard for Londoners as anything other than passive spectators and with even less interest in the notion that ‘consultation’ means listening and acting upon the concerns of local people.

There were valuable contributions from campaigners concerned with the issues that have dogged previous Games: the International Olympics Committee’s obsession with satisfying the money-making needs of its corporate sponsors, the use of sweatshop labour in manufacturing athletes’ kit and the dubious claims that the Games will be ‘ethical and green’. Colin Toogood gave an interesting account of the campaign by the Bhopal Medical Appeal against the involvement of Dow as the ‘official chemical company of the Olympics’ and Anna Minton, author of ‘Ground Control’, was excellent in highlighting how London 2012 represents just as much of a government ‘bailout’ as the one gifted to RBS. Despite promises that £738 million would come from the private sector for core Olympic costs, companies have contributed only 2% of the overall figure. My own contribution was on the security implications of the Games, both on local people and on the right to legitimately protest. There are genuine reasons to fear that east London will resemble a militarised zone in July and August (more so now that soldiers drafted in to support G4S private security will wear their own uniforms) and concern about the excessive use of police powers to stop and question anyone, especially the young. It was good to focus on some positive plans already in place to deal with this: the lead by the Network for Police Monitoring on legal observation of protest and plans by Newham Monitoring Project to offer an Olympics civil liberties helpline, trained Community Legal Observers near to event venues, a basic rights information card and workshops for youth and community groups.

(They had…) an enormous task in providing a critical perspective on the Olympics that will be listened to. It felt as though the yesterday’s conference was happening rather late in the day, although it probably would have been impossible until now to both get everyone together and to encourage a disparate group of activists to recognise why the Olympics will have an enormous impact on everything from policing to planning. I also detect a degree of wishful thinking in seeing the experience of previous Olympic cities as a model for how opposition can be mobilised, particularly Vancouver’s hosting of the Winter Olympics in 2010. The reality is that there has simply been no history of active anti-Olympic resistance in London since the announcement of the winning bid in 2005 that is anything like the scale that there was in British Columbia. Nevertheless, there will be media organisations from all over the world in our city this summer and the majority, carrying no official accreditation from the London Organising Committee, will be eager for stories. The strapline that appears at the top of this blog has therefore never been more true: if you don’t like what’s in the news, then go out and make some of your own.

If nothing else, London activists will need their own independent media centre to coordinate and distribute information on the news we create and, considering the Metropolitan police’s enthusiasm for clamping down on the squatting of empty buildings, we preferably need one that is secure and cannot easily be raided and closed down. So does anyone have an empty building or a hall they want to offer over the summer, preferably near Stratford and on a peppercorn rent, for a independent media convergence space?

Meeting Programme


SATURDAY 28 January 2012         


10.30     Registration

11.00     Session 1:  Seeds of Resistance

Sue McNeil (NOGOE Greenwich) Access Denied: Countering restrictions on our parks, open spaces and freedom of movement

Kevin Blowe (Save Wanstead Flats/Netpol)  Countering Olympic security

Sue Pell (Vancouver VanACT) Uniting to resisting Olympic evictions for Vancouver 2010 and aftermath

Anna Minton (Guardian, author, Ground Control)  Control and Militarisation of public space

Q and A

12.00     Campaigns Roundup:

Kerima Mohideen (MiningNetwork) Implications of Rio Tinto’sOlympic Sponsorship; Murray Worth (War on Want)  Thinking Globally: Outsourced Olympic Labour; Katy Andrews (Lammas Lands); Christina Piccoli (G4S); Emily Coats (BP/Tar Sands); Colin Toogood (DOW); Tom Antebi  Destroying the legacy of our open spaces; Tawanda (Carpenter’s Residents Association/CARP); Dave Polden (Kick Nuclear) Stratford’s Nuclear Trains

Q and A

1. 00       LUNCH

2.00        Reconvene          Introduction of breakout themes and workshops

2.20        BREAKOUTS

Policing and Security       Kevin/Val NetPol  leading to                                                     Militarising of cities  Anna Minton,  Emma Sangster (Forceswatch)

Housing, Gentrification   Steve (Games Monitor) and CARP

Corporate Sponsorship        Emily Coats, Kerima Mohideen, Cristina Piccoli, Colin Toogood

Media Strategies              Albert Beale, Peace News

Local Traders, Alan, Stratford Card Stop

Planning and Legacy: vision and action:  Mike Edwards UCL, Richard Lee Just Space, James and Dani  WCC

Exploited labour (Murray Worth, War on Want)                 cont’d

International Focus (Julian, Library)        ___________   cont’d

Environment                      Tom Antebi, , Steve Dowding     Land and Open Space    Sue and Peter, NOGOE

4.00        Tea

4.20        Plenary (Sue McNeil, Chair)         Feedback from workshops.         General Discussion and announcement of next mobilisation

5.10        Closing Comments: Julian

5.20        Clear up and Out (Hall will need to be clear by 5.40)

5.30        Onwards:   Pub next door:  Princess Alice, for CON drinks

Countering the Olympics public meeting

Fed up with Olympic Impunity?   Don’t Agonise—Organise

      Countering the Olympics – A public meeting

 28 January 2012       10.30-5pm  

  Toynbee Hall    London  E1 6LS

 There are now fewer than seven months before the shenanigans hit town, with each day bringing more news about runaway finances, contaminated topsoil,  privatised housing, militarised neighbourhoods, losses of basic liberty, corruption, undemocratic planning decisions….  This will be a day-long investigation of all aspects of Olympic theft and opportunity for those of us adversely affected to share, network, strategise and make our voices heard in 2012 and beyond.

Topics explored will include thematic objections to Olympic cost, debt, repression, pollution, displacement and lack of consultation, and will include contributions from a range of UK and international activist groups, from NOGOE and Save Wanstead Flats to Vancouver and Athens organisations.


Cost:  Donations on the door.  There will be a low cost lunch available on the day. 

Bookings:   Please note: Some places will be available on the day. However space is limited so please book early to ensure a place. If you indicate a particular interest (eg Olympic effect on housing, parks, waterways, civil liberties, debt) it will give us a better idea of space allocation for workshops.

Download meeting leaflet:  cto leaflet front              ITO back OSL

FFI visit: