Whose Olympics?

by counteringto

Whose Olympics…?
Mass action planning meetingwith special guests
Saturday 14th April 2012   114.30 pm
Bishopsgate Institute, 230 Bishopsgate EC2M 4QH
Soaring costs, debt, repression, pollution, displacement, lack of consultation. The drones to be deployed, the renewable targets ignored and neighbourhoods pushed sideways for a giant consumer playground. The laws have even been rewritten to deter us from disrupting the glorified three-week party. And we’ve been fighting back – with activist groups working to protect Greenwich Park, save Wanstead Flats, occupy Leyton Marsh, oust Dow… the list goes on.
But now the Olympics are upon us. Much damage has been done. It’s time to come together, uniting behind the common cause that people from London to Portland and beyond are sick of being sacrificed for this giant corporate bonanza.
Come along to Bishopsgate Institute to plan for a major action – the target, location, date and nature of the action are all open for discussion.
We will be joined by Clayton Thomas Muller from the Indigenous Environmental Network who will share his experiences on organising around the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and campaigning against ‘Sustainability Partner’ BP. Other speakers will be announced. Newham Monitoring Project will be providing a thorough explanation of the complex legal situation we face. Also coming to London from Vancouver, the Vancouver Poverty Olympics torch will be handed over at the Bishopsgate Institute to inspire our own alternative torch relay.
Free entry – hot soup and bread lunch will be provided on the day for £1, tea and coffee for donations.
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