Meeting Programme


SATURDAY 28 January 2012         


10.30     Registration

11.00     Session 1:  Seeds of Resistance

Sue McNeil (NOGOE Greenwich) Access Denied: Countering restrictions on our parks, open spaces and freedom of movement

Kevin Blowe (Save Wanstead Flats/Netpol)  Countering Olympic security

Sue Pell (Vancouver VanACT) Uniting to resisting Olympic evictions for Vancouver 2010 and aftermath

Anna Minton (Guardian, author, Ground Control)  Control and Militarisation of public space

Q and A

12.00     Campaigns Roundup:

Kerima Mohideen (MiningNetwork) Implications of Rio Tinto’sOlympic Sponsorship; Murray Worth (War on Want)  Thinking Globally: Outsourced Olympic Labour; Katy Andrews (Lammas Lands); Christina Piccoli (G4S); Emily Coats (BP/Tar Sands); Colin Toogood (DOW); Tom Antebi  Destroying the legacy of our open spaces; Tawanda (Carpenter’s Residents Association/CARP); Dave Polden (Kick Nuclear) Stratford’s Nuclear Trains

Q and A

1. 00       LUNCH

2.00        Reconvene          Introduction of breakout themes and workshops

2.20        BREAKOUTS

Policing and Security       Kevin/Val NetPol  leading to                                                     Militarising of cities  Anna Minton,  Emma Sangster (Forceswatch)

Housing, Gentrification   Steve (Games Monitor) and CARP

Corporate Sponsorship        Emily Coats, Kerima Mohideen, Cristina Piccoli, Colin Toogood

Media Strategies              Albert Beale, Peace News

Local Traders, Alan, Stratford Card Stop

Planning and Legacy: vision and action:  Mike Edwards UCL, Richard Lee Just Space, James and Dani  WCC

Exploited labour (Murray Worth, War on Want)                 cont’d

International Focus (Julian, Library)        ___________   cont’d

Environment                      Tom Antebi, , Steve Dowding     Land and Open Space    Sue and Peter, NOGOE

4.00        Tea

4.20        Plenary (Sue McNeil, Chair)         Feedback from workshops.         General Discussion and announcement of next mobilisation

5.10        Closing Comments: Julian

5.20        Clear up and Out (Hall will need to be clear by 5.40)

5.30        Onwards:   Pub next door:  Princess Alice, for CON drinks